Visual data analytics with Visplore for physics-based modelling of power plants


Thursday, June 30, 2022


03:30 PM Europe/Vienna

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In this webinar, the Austrian expert company ENEXSA will give insights into their work on building digital twins of power plants and how Visplore supports them in this process.

While vendor performance documentation of the plant equipment reflects ‘guaranteed’ or ‘expected’ performance information which only covers a limited number of operating points and typically includes commercial margins, it is of particular importance for on-line performance monitoring systems that performance KPIs are not affected by ‘natural’ effects due to the off-design characteristics of the real-life equipment. 

Therefore, the performance characteristics of the equipment in the thermodynamic model must be accurately adjusted to the actual characteristics in the plant ‘as built’.  Clean steady-state operating points covering the entire range of ambient and load conditions must therefore be available to enable the modelling expert to fine-tune the equipment models serving as the benchmark in the on-line evaluation. 

Everybody who is familiar with typical operating data recorded by a plant historian will understand the complexity and the efforts necessary for identifying such data from a massive amount of oftentimes conflicting, transient or otherwise affected data that are subject to signal noise in the harsh environment of the power plant process. 

Visplore has proven to be a very effective and easy to use tool to support ENEXSA’s engineers in accomplishing this challenging task.  In this webinar, ENEXSA will provide insight into how Visplore simplifies the qualification and selection of operating data and how Visplore is used to verify model accuracy after the fine-tuning has been completed.


  1. 15:30 to 15:35: Introduction - Harald Piringer (Visplore)
  2. 15:35 to 16:00: Keynote: Visual data analytics with Visplore for physics-based modelling of power plants - Josef Petek, Martin Pölzl (both ENEXSA)
  3. 16:00 to 16:05: Conclusion - Harald Piringer (Visplore)
  4. 16:05 to 16:15: Q&A Session

ENEXSA GmbH & Visplore GmbH

The Austrian expert company ENEXSA generates detailed thermodynamic models of power plants for a wide range of applications supporting operations and dispatch planning.

Visplore is a graphical tool for agile exploration and preparation of massive multi-variate data, in particular (but not limited to) time series such as sensor data.